Saturday, 24 December 2016

A Gallery of my Christmas Display

Hello everyone, and seasons greetings!

I hope that you are having a very nice season of celebrations so far, and that this year has been extremely busy (in a good way, of course!).

If you have been reading my blog for a while now , you will know that my sylvanians love a good celebration, and absoloutely love Christmas. Traditionally, they throw a big party at Beechwood Hall right until Christmas Eve night, partying till late. After that, they go home to leave a bit of sherry and a mince pie by the fire before retiring to bed, bursting with anticipation for the next day.

Now, Christmas eve is tomorrow, and christmas day is the day after that, so I cannot give you details on their gifts, but i can give you a picture tour of their party.

I hope you enjoyed browsing through these photos. I aim to make a post between christmas and new years so you can see what they got and their happy faces!!!

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!!!!
Lots and lots and lots and lots (and lots) of love,
Emily xxxxxxx

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Spring Outfits

hello everyone! now recently, its started to become rather hot here in Britain. (yesterday, it was 23 degrees celcius! i know for some people thats not hot at all, but for England thats VERY nice !!)

My sylvanians were moaning on to me about how boiling they were in their heavy, clumpy winter outfits, so it was only right to try and make some more light pieces of clothing!

Since it was so sunny, the Fresian girls (Annabelle, Daisy and Pixie), Wanda Waddlington and her children, Camelia Periwinkle and Cherry Periwinkle decided to go on a picnic in the garden.

I really enjoyed making these outfits, especially Pixie's dungarees. She loves them too, especially the fabric. I have never made dungarees before, but was up for the challenge entirely. i used clasps as the hooks to keep her whole outfit together.

I actually made Cherry's dress using an old cotton shirt scrap piece, and the collar is from the hem.  I thought that since cotton is a very breathable fabric, it would make a lovely skater dress. I also made a hat for Cherry using old felt scraps. I cut out a circle of white felt with a circular hole in the centre, and sewed on pinched green felt for leaves. On top, I sewed a folded piece of red felt to make a rose. I think using a colourful green and red on the hat really contrasts the white of the dress, which adds life to the whole outfit.

I knitted Camelia's piece. I also made her a hat like Cherry's with a blue flower to match the colour of the knit. She was the first character I made an outfit for, and I have to say I really do adore this one! even though it may not be as airy as Cherry's ,  I think it is really original and sweet- which suits her personality. She really likes the stripes (to which I am glad) and comments to me daily on how she adores her new frock!

I really hope you liked these outfits, and maybe they gave you some inspiration for your sylvanians.
Lots of love, Emily xxxx

Friday, 25 March 2016

A look inside my DIY house

Hello everyone! As viewers may know, I do like to make a house. This would have to be my third house now. I made the mole house for the Billabong Koalas, and the two apartments for my waddlington duck family and fresian grandparents.
This house has to be dedicated to the Periwinkles. Kate had her baby on Good Friday, a few days before easter- much to the towns joy. This is Bonnie!

now, this baby deterred the Periwinkles housing arrangement a tad. The Periwinkles lived in the old gypsy caravan- providing two beds. The extra baby meant there was 4 figures without a space to lay down! the family decided a move was best- but cornwood could provide little in housing arrangements. William took matters into his own hands, and with the help of Hornbull Fresian and Elma Mulberry- they got their hands dirty.
So, i did what i do best, and built a two story house.

Fortunately, i did take pictures of the construction process, but, i will admit i can produce some dodgy tutorials, so maybe its better to sit this one out and just observe. ;)
May Mulberry watching the designing and construction process
A Cardboard structure has been made.

the door has its separate little cubby hole.

I started out with a cardboard model- using two shoe boxes to construct a base. It was quite hard to decide what proportions to use- i just had to make sure the tallest figure- William Periwinkle (with his tall ears)- could stand up and move around in such a confined space.

I really think adding a cosy firplace reinforces the idea of a small, farmhouse family cottage.

Once i made the main structure, i added in details such as a fireplace, Mezzanine and stairs.
Next, I did paper mache. since this was a country cottage, uneven floors and ceilings added in a cosy touch. This was the longest part of the building process and was very tiring indeed.

The next step was to paint it. I decided (eventually) on a creme inside and pink outside, with a burgundy roof. It was here that i added an extension onto the second floor, poles to support the inside structure, and a chimney to add to its farm cottage image. The windows and stairs are a dark brown. For some reason, i struggled a lot to make the colour brown during the build. I know it seems ridiculous, considering brown is the easiest colour to accidentally make,  but i just kept making pink and blue blends for some reason. I had to result in getting a brown paint out of storage, but it turned out to gloss over the things i had painted- giving an unexpected sleek finish.

After the paint had set, i made it my mission to add touches such as ivy wrapped around the house. I used wire in some places to make a base- but in others I stuck the 'Oasis: Hobby Craft' moss onto the outside. I added in flowers in some places.

Now came wallpapering- i used actual wallpaper and stuck it in to give a more 'home-y' feel.

Then, i did the final touch of making sure the house was furnished for the new residents. I purchased the 'Cosy Living Room Set' to emphasise that this was a cutesy, country cottage. For Christmas, i was bestowed the gift of the 'Pink Nightlight Nursery Set' from my auntie and uncle. This was perfect, as it allowed two sleeping compartments for Nora and Bonnie Periwinkle.

Now, Kate and William needed a bed, as did Cherry and Peter- so instead of purchasing new beds, I made them.

The bunk bed was manufactured in a few easy manoeuvre's:
1) Cut two high arches and 2 rectangles the same width of the arch out of corrugated cardboard.
2) glue these together like i have in the picture shown.
3) glue foam board to it all to hide cardboard.
4) don with knitted bed spread: blanket and matching singular pillow for each bed space.

The rule was the same with the double bed- which fits perfectly in the mezzanine.

Once Hornbull, Elma, and William were finished, they revealed the surprise to Kate and the rest of the Periwinkle bunch- including newborn Bonnie, straight from Nutwood's hospital. Kate was ecstatic with joy.

The old gypsy caravan wasn't empty for very long. The Buttermilk Periwinkle Grandparents were eager to move out of their hobbit hut into the more spacious room with Camelia. This left Zafrina and Goaty Potter a place to rest.

Cherry and Peter enjoyed running around in a more open space, and playing board games by the wood burner, which sat (SNUGGLY, it was hard to get in) in the fireplace. Nora enjoyed her tea time set and her rocking horse, as well as her new, beautiful cot. William and Kate were happy to have a bed- they had too sleep on the floor in their old home. Bonnie slept silently in Kate's arms, as she rocked her to sleep to the sound of the calming radio and the creeks of their beautiful, hand carved rocking chair.

I hope you liked this update, I will be back again soon to fill you in on Cornwood's Easter Celebrations! 
Lots of Love, Emily xxxxxx

Monday, 21 December 2015

Christmas Knits for your sylvanians and Beechwood Hall Celebration

Forenote: please look at my collaborations page ^ to collaborate. 
Hello everyone! As you know, every year I do a Christmas display of all my figures partying at beechwood hall with the Hamilton family. I have set it up now and thought I would give you a tour, but first  As you may remeber, two sylvanian posts ago, i was on about things I have created for my sylvanians. This post is similar with new entries as I love knitting things for my figures!
Matilda Billabong is wearing a winter frock.

Elma mulberry rid of his tux and tried on his Christmas jumper, brown trousers and brown shoes (shoes from the shoe shop set) 

And Hermoine Billabong and Walnut Mulberry are wearing their Christmas jumper and dress.
And finally, Father Christmas has payed us a visit! I knitted / sewed everything he is wearing. The beard, the hat, the coat, the shoes and the trousers.
The coat even has a black belt.

It was the 15th of December, and the whole of cornwood was giddy with joy- as it was the first day of the 10 day celebration leading up to Christmas. this was named the Hamilton Christmas Extravaganza. Every year, beechwood hall held a 10 day long party which ended with the nativity play in the town square on Christmas Eve night. Then, all sylvanians would hang up their stockings by the fireplace or a pillowcase on bedroom doors before tucking their children in and going to bed and waiting for Father Christmas to come.

So, as you can image, beechwood hall this morning was extremely chaotic. Ham had been dusting the  mantelpieces and baking goodies while Masie tried on all her dresses. the children were out , as Masie sent them off to the Mulberry's to cause havoc somewhere else. Emily slept through the sound of the vacuum cleaner roaring downstairs, and the sound of Masie's panicked tone. 

The Christmas tree is decorated with gold pipe cleaner and little bells- along with a hanging angel!!
It also emits a red glow. 
The whole ideal is beautiful, don't you think? I donned beechwood hall with tinsel, hangings, and a Christmas tree.

The first guest to arrive was the Dante's, as the mayor wanted to assist as much as he could. Zoe set up her Christmas cake entry on the table, while Troy rehearsed his opening speech while moving the chairs around. this year, the event was held to the Adoption Charity, as most of Cornwood's children were adopted: the piglets , Joby, and Owen. 

As all the guests flooded in, the Christmas hamper loot grew bigger. May mulberry had bought champagne and her famous Mulled Berry Wine. Kate Periwinkle got out her dotted cupcakes from the cupboard which she dropped off the day before. the Waddlingtons brought their best mince pies, all dotted with the Sylvania crest. the Fresians brought activites for the village to enjoy such as twister, monopoly, and some Christmas DVDs. the seadogs brought the most with Zafrina and goaty potter. A whole trolley filled with goodies from the shop such as biscuits and bubbly. 

Now, the event was in full swing. 

The grotto , as you can see, attracts a lot of attention as Father Christmas asks each child "what would you like for Christmas? " 

I hope you like beechwood hall decorated. I thought the tinsel was a beautiful touch. Now , we just have to wait and see what events unfold. 
Lots of love, Emily xxxxx

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Exciting news

It was late in the afternoon, and Kate Periwinkle was baking some cupcakes for the hamiltons Christmas Extravaganza a Beechwood hall. this is held every year for the adoption fund- and a Cornwood is a heavy supporter , with most of their children being adopted from it.
"These cakes are to go into the best baked good competition- and they best win." Kate announced, proudly.

"Hello mother, Peter and I are back from school." Cherry waved as she climbed up the caravan steps.
"Mother, we are only getting bigger and this caravan is only getting smaller!" Peter panted, as he struggled up the steps.

"No,that is just you eating my treats." Kate giggled. "Tell you what though, I am rather hungry recently. Children, can you go to your father at the vegetable patch and tell him to bring me back the parsley plant? I am craving parsley buns." 
"Only if we can go to my tree," Cherry ran out with her basket, throwing her yellow coat over her back. "I want to make some Cherry bake wells."

"I'll come too then, Cherry won't get mucky but I wouldn't mind." 
"Peter, you dare not get your breeches dirty. I only just washed them last night. " Kate warned.

 They had all gone, and it was just kate and nora.
 Kate huffed. "I think I should take a break- I feel a bit ill."
"Are you okay mummy?" Nora asked. She had just woken up from her nap and was dazed. 
"Yes. I am okay. Would you like to go on a walk with me, get some fresh air? Yes. I think I need some fresh air."
"Yes mummy, I will go and get my kart." Nora crawled outside to find her clacker kart to ride on and hopefully get pushed.

They headed out with a hamper of cakes in a basket - they were going to the Hamiltons to drop off the goods and some other bits and bobs in time for tomorrow. 
Notice my fake snow scene. The snow dried up and won't absorb any water so now I am truly stuffed. 

"Hello Kate! " Masie welcomed. "My dear, you best come in, it's getting colder by the day now." 
It was just Nora, Masie, Emily and Kate in the house. Peppa and Spice were at the town square. Ham had gone up to Nutwood for the day. 

Nora and Emily were preoccupied with some toys on the dining room floor while Masie and Kate were talking over tea and scones. ( Sylvanian scones have cream on the bottom and Jam on the top)

"I have been feeling really strange recently. " Kate remarked.
"Well, what are your symptoms?" Masie asked, concerned. 
 " I am hungry all the time, and my stomach is causing a ruckus. I feel sick most days, especially mornings."
As soon as Kate had said her symptoms out loud, she realised what may be the cause. 
"Well , Kate... I think I know what this may be." Masie giggled. "Oh! How exciting." 
"Let's not get ahead ... "
"Not sure? Go to Robert Fresian. He's a retired doctor. He may be a tad grumpy you disturbed him on a Thursday evening but this is a serious matter." 
"Your right. do you mind taking care of Nora for a bit? I will come and collect her later. " 
"Of course. Go!" 

Kate hurried out the house and down to the Fresian Grandparents house.
She took a deep breath and knocked on the door.
Lillian opened the door. "Hello Kate.. How may I help?" 
"Is Robert here? This is an emergency. I need a diagnosis." 

"Well yes, but for goodness gracious, come in ! You'll catch your death my dear." Lillian out her arm around Kate. 
"Who is it? " Robert snapped. 
"Hello, Mr. Fresian. I am sorry to disturb you, but i am in desperate need of a diagnosis. "
"Well, sorry to snap. What are your symptoms?" 
Kate recalled them.

"Well, my dear. Lillian, call Mr. billabong. We need to visit Nutwood." 
"Oh do we? That will take an awful while. " Kate said in disparity. 
"I doubt mr. billabong will be to happy about this. Unless it's a complete emergency. " Lillian remarked.
"Well, I think I know what it is but this isn't in my area if medical expertise. Lillian, sit down with her. You were a nurse." Robert sat up and took Joby out of Lillian's arms. 
Lillian put her hand on Kate's knee. 

That night, the whole of the Periwinkle family were dining .
"I went out to the Fresian grandparents after you left, today. " Kate said to William. " I wanted to enquire to them about my excessive hunger and illness."
"And?" Rebecca asked.
"Yes mother, what could it be?" Peter leaned in, as did the rest of the family.

"Well, you see, I am expecting" 


Hello everyone, and isn't this a surprise. Kate periwinkle is pregnant! I thought that a little story would be cute for it. And, well wouldn't it be marvelous if the new baby was born on Christmas Eve? 

Lots of love, Emily . Xxxxx
Please send your love and wishes to Kate and hope she has a healthy birth and pregnancy.